1Featuring Vans Riders Chima Ferguson, Jesse Noonan, Jackson Pilz, Juwon Eun, Chris Bradley, Piet Guilfoyle, Azreen Azman, Dustin Henry, Etienne Gagne, Victor Pellegrin, Jeremy Hu, CK, Xiao Jun, Fifa Tintarn, Jerm Sothichai, Shogo Zama, Mario Palandeng, Zhenya Buzukin, Mike Lee, Justin Henry, and Pedro Delfino.

Vans proudly announces the official worldwide release of “Shikumen” – the latest skateboarding film produced by Tommy Zhao and Liu Maomao. “Shikumen” is an immortal Shanghainese architecture where Vans rented this historical house for a month to host the skate team from over the world to explore the Shanghai city.

JustinHenry_Backside5050_TerryXieJustin Henry – Backside 5050 handrail, photo by Terry Xie

Azreen_Porock_Shikumen_TerryXieAzreen Porock, photo by Terry Xie

Staying in week-long shifts, the skate team from the United States, France, Malaysia, Australia, Thailand, Indonesia, South Korea, and Japan cruised around with the Vans China team as they skated the city of marble, devouring Xiaolongbaos and dodging scooters along the way. “By bringing the team from different regions together and staying in an old Shanghai lane house, you get the opportunity to explore the streets a bit more, find a local coffee shop, or speak to the locals. I feel like it allows the team to get a more authentic experience out of their trip versus a normal skate tour,” Said by Tommy, “ I just wanted to show them what it is about Shanghai that I love so much.”

Chima_VarialHeelflipChinaSept18_Mapstone1Chima Ferguson – Varial Heelflip, photo by Andrew Mapstone

Shogo_FS5050_TerryXieShogo Zama – Frontside 5050, photo by Terry Xie

AzreenAzman_Pushing_TerryXieAzreen Azman – Pushing in the Shanghai city, photo by Terry Xie

JustinHenry_Portrait_TerryXieJustin Henry – Portrait, photo by Terry Xie

Jesse_DoubleWallrideChinaSept18_Mapstone1Jesse – Double Wallrid, photo by Andrew Mapstone

MarioPalendeng_Backlip_TerryXieMario Palendeng – Backlip, photo by Terry Xie

VictorPellegrin_Crook_TerryXieVictor Pellegrin – Crook, photo by Terry Xie

Week1_Shikumen_Walking_TerryXieWeek1 Shikumen Walking, photo by Terry Xie

Week2_Skyline_TerryXieWeek2 Skyline, photo by Terry Xie

Vans’ “Shikumen” is available now on YouTube with more highlights and behind the scene stories releasing on Vans Asia-Pacific social media channels.