FIN is a brand focused on the thoughtful design and construction of basic, everyday items such as work aprons and totes for the discerning customer.

Founded in 2012 by Fahmy Ishak, Finicky In Nature or FIN, was established based on the premise of creating simple and functional items with quiet aesthetics in mind. Handcrafted in Singapore, FIN products are assembled with carefully sourced material and hardware to ensure that quality is homogenous throughout the product line. FIN totes and aprons undergo a process of construction that lends a raw beauty as it ages and becomes visible through its patina and wear.

FIN specialty items are the hand-stitched boro – patched or mended textiles – on products such as denim jeans, scarves, totes and accessories. Fabric used in the boro patched work, are from Japan, mostly with the Japanese motif or using used/vintage selvedge denim. FIN is a firm believer in the idea of “Mottainai” which conveys the sense of regret concerning waste. So FIN also does plenty of repair work on torn garments and also upcycling of garments to give the pieces a fresh feel.

FIN rolls out trunk shows yearly to showcase either a fabric or a colour as a theme and also works closely with other crafters and designers on these shows. This comes back to FIN’s belief in constantly working with others to ensure the collective rather than a single company, would succeed and learn from each other. Most of these companies working and collaborating in these yearly trunk shows are young companies wanting to start out on their own. The trunk show allows them a platform to showcase their work.