Lawalah Familia, a name synonymous with Malaysian Hip Hop was established in 2013. This up and coming group is significant with Hip Hop music. Even though they are relatively new, they have shown tremendous success with their first mixtape, Ramai Lagi Lawa: The Mixtape. This group, a name to be reckoned with has 19 members, whereby 16 are also MCs, the members/MCs are Sabbala, Rahhh 5 Kaki, Halim Redwood, Fahmie Freakmie, Jamil Hantu, The Boss, Chief Qif, Benzooloo, R.A.S.H The Warchild, Mady Bee, Nawi, KC, NA$ ,Highrule,Syamel Izwan and Faris Fariza. DJ Ruckes is the in-house DJ; Apek is the mural artist and the official videographer for our Music Videos are made by Takeem.