Stall owner: Instinct of Sight

Instinct of Sight 成立於2014年春。

「以分裂角度反思生命」Instinct of Sight 混和嘶吼與清聲,雙聲道以不同的人格、不同的吶喊方式反思生命,以最大限地傳達情緒,感染現場。受Post-Hardcore,Alternative及Djent等曲風影響,混合了豐富旋律、重型節奏、電子樂、嘶吼唱法等等豐富層次。樂隊除積極參與本地與海外大小型演出及音樂節外,踏足不同比賽亦獲得不俗成績。近年推出單曲《過》呼喊堅持、《Crawling》剖視內心獨白。

Instinct of Sight is an alternative rock/metal band from Hong Kong. Formed in 2014, the group currently consists of lead vocalist Po, guitarists Wai and Chung, bassist Elfis, and drummer Kin. With influences from the genre of Post-hardcore, Alternative and Djent , the band’s sound typically features melodic vocal lines, heavy guitar riffs, screaming vocals and occasionally complimented by electronic interludes. In early 2014, the group has won the Champion in 2014 Youth Band Competition, with Wai and Chung both awarded Best Guitarist. Shortly after , with the departure of the original drummer Ray, the band has gone through a lineup change with the addition of drummer Kin and the band is now working on writing original material to add to their set and is recording their new demo songs.