August 16 to 18 -The penultimate stop before World Championships

Unknown-4 [caption id="attachment_36538" align="alignleft" width="1024"] width=                                                                      Jason Watts, Winner of the 2019 Germany Event[/caption] The Vans BMX Pro Cup series nears the final countdown to the World Championships as the world’s best BMX riders head to Mexico City for the penultimate competition before the Vans Pro Cup World Championships in Huntingtinton Beach in September. Once again highlighting yet another brand new tour stop for the series, the Vans BMX Pro Cup will be hosted by the vibrant community of Mexico City, Mexico at the Skatepark Metro Puebla 2. Located in the sports and culture district of town, the final qualifier for the Vans BMX Pro Cup Tour will showcase top-ranking names of the season including consistent podium vererans Sergio Layos and Teresa Azcoaga from Spain, Jason Watts and Perris Benegas winners of the Germany event, and of course, Larry Edgar, 2018 defending world champ, who has prevailed in the series following a bumpy start this past April. [caption id="attachment_36533" align="alignleft" width="1000"] width=                                                              Skatepark Metro Puebla 2 in Mexico City Courtesy of The Boardr[/caption] Recently transformed and upgraded for the Vans Pro Cup Series, the Skatepark Metro Puebla 2 is well-known for its different quarterpipe features, concrete bowls, different heights and box jump spots. As part of the renovation, the park will also see new elements integrated throughout the course, built by Vans and with influence from global team rider Jason Watts, the new park boffers competitors a huge opportunity to get even more creative and establish unique lines. [caption id="attachment_36535" align="alignnone" width="1024"] width=                                                                Larry Edgar, Defending 2018 Vans BMX Pro Cup World Champion[/caption] Open to all prospective competitors, the Men’s regional qualifiers will kick off the week starting on August 16, determining the best Men’s contenders from the region to meet with the top rankings from the Germany event. The final competitor field including regional wildcards will be confirmed soon, alongside the top rankings from Stuttgart, Germany listed below. Stay tuned to www.vansbmxprocup.com for the most up-to-date info.
Vans BMX Pro Cup Series: Mexico Schedule

Skatepark Metro Puebla 2

Athlete Registration:


Friday, August 16

Men’s Regional Qualifiers (Open Registration) Best Whip jam

 Saturday, August 17

Men’s Semi-Finals – Tour Invites and Top 10 Regional Advancers Only Men’s Best Whip jam

Sunday, August 18

Women’s Prelims, Semi-Final, Finals (Open Registration) Women’s Best Whip Jam Men’s Finals + Best Trick

As one of the world’s most-respected platforms for elite BMX park terrain competition, the Vans BMX Pro Cup Seriescontinues its third Pro Tour season in 2019, showcasing the most talented BMX athletes ever to be witnessed, as they prove their ranks in hopes to win the coveted Vans BMX Pro Cup championship title. Stay tuned for more info on vansbmxprocup.com.
Vans BMX Pro Cup 2019 Current Overall Series Rankings Unknown  
MEN’S DIVISION – Top Rankings Advancing from Germany Event
  1. Jason Watts            AUS
  2. Sergio Layos           ESP
  3. Larry Edgar             USA
  4. Corey Walsh           CAN
  5. Dennis Earson        USA
  6. Matty Cranmer        USA
  7. Kevin Paraza          USA
  8. Alex Hiam               AUS
  9. Jose Torres Gil       ARG
  10. Josh Dove             AUS
  11. Boyd Hilder           AUS
  12. Sem Kok               NLD
  13. Rim Nakamura      JPN
  14. Chris James          AUS
WOMEN’S DIVISION – Top Rankings Advancing from Germany Event
  1. Perris Benegas                   USA
  2. Macarena Perez                 CHL
  3. Teresa Azcoaga                 ESP
  4. Natalya Diehm                    AUS
  5. Angie Marino                      USA
  6. Jennifer Wohlrab                GER
  7. Lotta Gruber                        GER
  Unknown-3 Culminating the 2019 season, the Vans BMX Pro Cup Series World Championships will be broadcasted live from Huntington Beach, CA, United States on September 15 to crown the official 2019 Vans BMX Pro Cup World Champions. For updates and more information on competition format, locations, athletes and more, please visit www.vansbmxprocup.com.